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Lesson #7

This LESSON is Fairisle


The cast-on will be a Double "E" wrap cast on

The Cast-off will be Semi Automatic Transfer Tool Bind off.

The technique of the tension swatch....use your own preference.

Here we go:


Bring out the needed needles to hold position and cast on using the following instructions:

Double E wrap

Bring needles to Hold.

Beginning at LEFT edge. Make a slip knot and place it onto the 1st needle.

Now take the yarn UNDER the 1st and 2nd needles and then bring the yarn up between the 2nd and 3rd needles.

Now, lay the yarn over the TOP of both needles 1 and 2.

With the yarn in the HOOK of the 1st needle manually knit this stitch through and there is now a stitch on Needle 1.

Now the yarn goes UNDER the 2nd and 3rd needles, and then UP between the 3rd and 4th needles. Lay the yarn over top of these 2 needles and then manually knit the left needle of this pair. You now have a stitch on needle two and a loop over Needle 3. Repeat across the bed, and then place yarn into the carriage to start knitting across.

This Double e-wrap is useful as an edge, makes a great way to increase stitches at an armhole, or pants crotch or also is useful as a beginning for g-car work. Try it and see what you think. Its easy and quick and looks good.

Knit several rows with the MC yarn

Now, Thread the carriage with a CC yarn and knit 2 rows. Cut yarn.


Now thread the main yarn(MC) and program your machine as directed in your manual to knit Fairisle(some machine manuals will describe this as Knit-In). Add your second color as indicated in your manual. Remember to mark your needles for measuring the tension swatch.

Knit to RC 60 like usual.

Knit 2 rows of CC and then knit approx 6 rows, mark your tension with eyelets, and knit 3 or 4 more rows.

Now you will do the Semi-Automatic Transfer Tool Bind-Off

First: Set your carriage to allow a "free pass". On Studio Machines, the Side Levers are placed forward, the Cam lever is on SLIP and both Russel Levers are on II. On Brother Machines, both PART buttons are pushed in.

Now, remove the second stitch from the edge on the side next to the carriage with the transfer tool and place it on the end needle. Without removing the tool from the edge needle, bring out the needle until both stitches are behind the latch and with a stabbing moting, push the tool back so that now both stitches are on the transfer tool. Transfer both of these stitches to the 2nd needle and again without removing the tool from the needle, pull it out, as far as possible, into HOLD position. Remove the tool from the needle and move the carriage across this needle, knitting it back to normal postion. Its not necessary to move the carriage all the way across the knitting to the other side, only as far as needed to knit this one stitch and have the carriage out of the way for the next proceedure.It is alos unnecessary to move the carriage back to the original side as the slip stitch can be knit from either side.

Repeat this procedure until all stitches have been knit off, except the last stitch. Place the yarn in the hook and by hand knit the needle back and cut the yarn, thus ending the binding off. (Note, you can use this as a partial bind off in garments as needed).



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