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Lesson #6

This LESSON is Single Motif

The cast-on will be a waste cast-on with a permanent "E" wrap cast on

The Cast-off will be removal on waste yarn

The technique of the tension swatch....use your own preferrence.

Here we go:


Bring out the needed needles to hold position and cast on as you wish with Waste yarn...quickly and simply...and thus, I used the weaving cast-on.

Knit 8 or 10 rows with the waste yarn, ending on the Left.

Remove the waste yarn from the carriage, and cut.

Thread a Ravel cord (or some other yarn or cord that is smooth and easy to pull out) into the carriage and knit one row from L to R. Remove the ravel cord from the carriage. (For the purpose of this swatch, I just used some other waste yarn because I wished to leave it in place....if you will remove the waste yarn after the swatch is done, go ahead and use your regular ravel cord.

Knit several rows with the MC yarn

Now, Thread the carriage with a CC yarn and knit 2 rows. Cut yarn.


Now thread the main yarn(MC) and program your machine as directed in your manual to knit a Single Motif. (choose a small pattern for simpicity sake). Remember to mark your needles for measuring the tension swatch.

Knit to RC 60 like usual.

Knit 2 rows of CC and then knit approx 6 rows, mark your tension with eyelets, and knit 3 or 4 more rows.

Remove and cut this MC yarn and thread the carriage with waste yarn and knit 6 to 8 rows. Then cut the yarn approx 6 inches from the carriage, and holding the yarn gently, knit one more row. The yarn will finish and then the knitting will be released(falling off) the machine. Move the carriage back and forth until the knitting is released.