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2 Strand Figure 8 Cast-On, 2 color Slip, and Transfer Tool Bind-off


Hi everyone, this is lesson 5 and this time we will be doing a similar cast on to last time, the figure 8 cast-on but this time, do it with 2 strands.

Our main part of our swatch will be 2 color slip, which is somewhat similar to the 2 color tuck we did last time.

Our Cast off that we will be doing this time is called a Transfer Tool or Double Stitch Bind off.

This time, the method of doing the actual swatch and marking the tension etc, will be up to you to choose your preference.



We will be casting on doing a figure 8 e-wrap. For the diagram, please look at the diagram shown in the previous lesson(lesson 4), since it is the exact same thing.....its really easy once you try it.

This time, please do the cast on with double strand of yarn....and you may choose to use 2 different colors, or different yarns, or your choice, but please use 2 strands!

Figure 8 e-wrap:

This one makes an 8 laying on its side around the needles



Come up between 2&3, go over the top of 2 and under 1, go back over 1 and

down between 1&2, go under 2&3, up between 3&4, down between 2&3, up

between 1&2, over the top of 2, under 3&4, over the top of 4 under 3, over the


of 3, under 4&5, over the top of 5, under 4, back over the top of 4, under

5&6, etc.

This cast on is going to give you a "braided looking edge" which may be very useful in some situations and done with a different yarn, may be very decorative.



This time our technique will be 2 color Slip. Ceck your manuals for instructions on how to do this technique and use a suggested punchcard/pattern to do it. This one will surprise you, alot like the 2 color tuck. The design you get will be quite different than what the card/pattern looks like. And, again really nice.


This Bind off if described as a Transfer Tool or Double Stitch Bind Off


You will be starting on carriage side, and for me, its easiest from the Right side, but your choice!

1) Pull the end needle forward enough so that the loop is now behind the latch. Grasp the yarn, wrapping it clockwise and laying the yarn into the open latch. Now, using the other hand, push the needle back, effectively creating a new stitch.

2) Using the single eyed transfer tool, transfer the second stitch onto the first stitch, and now move this double stitch to the empty needle. You now put the first empty needle into non-working position.

3) Now, pull this needle forward again until the double stitches are behind the latch, wrap the yarn(clockwise) around the needle, place into latch, and push the needle back to knit a new stitch again.

4) Repeat steps 2 and 3 across until you have gotten to the last stitch, which you will then pull the needle forward, lay the yarn in the latch, knit through and then cut the yarn and pull through to secure.